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Boomerang Gif

BoomGifs (as we lovingly call them) are a true giggle magnet and our guest's most favourite tool. We'll encourage you to inspire the world with your coolest move.



Give birth to the most hilarious series of 4 Photos of the evening. 

You get Double Prints plus unlimited free digital downloads of your individual pics in High Res from the Online Gallery.

Slow-mo Gif

Slow-mo Gifs are our newest addition... They help create incredibly cool, stylish and fun moments. Just let your motions be enhanced by these smooth, momentous shots.


Our backdrops are so quirky and cute, you'll want to give them a hug...


Our Vintage Suitcase and a juxtapose of fun hats, sunglasses & props are always included.


For the more flamboyant or outrageous of you, we also have cool Themed Premium Prop Boxes available to upgrade to... 


Premium - Retro Props

Good God Watson, the game is afoot! 
These are the most beloved of all our props, from huge head phones and fantastic cameras to real vintage hats.
Not at all trying to blow our own trumpet - but there is one included too. 

Premium - Discovery Props

Take your guests on an adventure! Put on the explorer hat, take the treasure map and pose with awesome wildlife.
We bet Granddad (David Attenborough) would be jealous. Ahoi Captain! 

Premium - Top Of The Props

Take your guests on a journey back to the iconic 80s with all things Disco. Think Elton John, George Michael, Flashdance... Many of you will remember the times and the ones who don't, will be in awe.

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