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"Unprecedented times", "Pandemic", "R-rate", "Social Distancing" etc. are the words that have been following us during most of 2020. Such unforeseen circumstances did not only force our thriving family business, but the entire events industry to its knees.

Nevertheless, our passion for what we do endures and we are convinced we can get through this and come out stronger the other end. 

We are really looking forward to partying with you again in the months and years to come and have made sure our Booths can be enjoyed in the safest possible way. Please check out below the measures we have put into place: 



Of course, we have witnessed party people to love the hilarious prop packages that come with Flicksbox Original. If they are not safe to use in times of COVID, then we will take them out of the equation and re-adjust: We are going to help your guests to create more pure 'style shots' that will emphasise their personality, their attire or the theme of the event.


To make up for the loss of props and to make sure your people are presented in the very best light, we'd like to offer to you one of our Premium backdrops free of charge.


Operating the Booth

Yes, our Booths have been designed to be easy-going and touch enabled. With COVID in mind, we are taking a slightly different approach:

For Flicksbox: No huge changes needed. Our Flicksbox crew member has always been there for you to help operate the Booth. In times of the pandemic he will be the only one touching the screen. The results will be the same or even better, as he will run you through the awesomeness of all our features. 

For the Tilley Twins: Our Tilleys are coming with a QR-Code option, so all you need is to scan a code on your smart phone. The Booth can then be operated via your phone. No need to touch the Tilley screen!


Guest Book

Good news. We don't have to loose our lovely Guest Book. You will still be able to stick your prints into it and send out words of love and wisdom. Of course we will provide sanitising hand gel and wipes to make sure everyone stays safe. 



We have lowered our booking deposit amounts substantially to £150 for Flicksbox Original and £100 for each Tilley, so you can save your date without panicking too much about the finances. 

Change of Event Date & Location


In the case that your event can not go ahead as planned due to COVID restrictions we are happy to work with you and re-schedule to another date or venue. We will honour your booking for at least 2 years from your original event date for any of our available Booths.

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