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You care about your Photographer, so why wouldn't you care about your photo booth?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

In our research to check out the competition we have seen so many photo booths that all claim to be the best, yet time and time again I'm disappointed at what I find and the offerings given to you, the people that matter.

I mean, you care about your Photographer for your special day, I mean really care! Having a photographer that you vibe with and that can capture the shots you want without being intrusive is so very important, as when the dust settles and the emotions of the day fade you want to be able to look back and enjoy the memories of that day when you were surrounded by love.

n.b here are some of the top Photographers we work with, they are highly recommended: ; Toby specialises in relaxed, unposed, natural, documentary story telling and reportage wedding photography with a bespoke fine art feel. ; Victoria's approach to wedding photography in Cornwall is to shoot with an artistic, natural and modern style that represents your individuality and uniqueness. ; Nick has an incredible talent of being in all the right places at the right time, without even being seen! ;) His style is perfect for catching those candid, real moments that you always wish you could frame but never can.


So why would you not care about your possible photo booth? I mean most photogs leave after the first dance, so then your left with what? why dont you do yourself a favour and book Flicksbox, we are essentially a mobile photo studio but way more fun. x N.b photos below are actual Flicksbox photos, no other booth compares #wearenotnormal


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