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Why Is Our Business Called Flicksbox ?

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So this goes back quite a long way... My dad (Phil) used to tell us a story every year of when he was a kid.

Back then, the second world war was still going on and to make some extra money, dads mum, Gwen, offered her home up for pilots to stay. She would house them, feed them and really be a second mother to the pilots, many of whom were not that old and were far from home.

One pilot who was from Canada used to fly reconnaissance missions. His Spitfire plane was specially outfitted with a high strength camera under the fuselage and crucially had no weaponry so was the fastest thing up there. Anyway, after he finished doing what he had to, he would open the throttle, scream back to blighty then fly over the house, invert and throw out a canister with a streamer attached. It was then my dads mission to receive the canister and take it to his mum.

The story goes that dad only ever remem

bered it saying, "Hi auntie Gwen, I'm taking x (a different girl each week) to the "Flicks" tonight please can you press my suit, I will be home by 6 and don't need any tea."

The "Flicks" was an old slang term for the movies and our mini movies (Gif's) and Video voice recording bring so much laughter that we felt it apt to use.

We hand-built the "box" where the touchscreen and camera is housed in, added lots of reclaimed and repurposed parts and there you have it: Flicksbox!

The Very Beautiful Flicksbox Original

Unfortunately my dear pops has since passed away but I will never forget the stories he told. Especially the one about a homemade rocket launcher.... but that is for another time.


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Much Love

Phil & Andie

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