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Why a Photobooth?

After six months of hard work which involved painstakingly searching for the right vintage components, and meticulously refurbishing and constructing our photo booth in a small, home-based workshop near to St. Ives Cornwall, I began to ask myself the same question.

The inspiration for creating this photo- booth came from a DIY setup we put together at our own wedding. It was so popular with our guests that when Andie asked me if I could build one and how long it would take, I stupidly said yes and about two weeks!

After doing some searching we found that although there is a lot of competition out there we could do it more beautifully and have a better functioning product at less price..boom we thought , lets do it. So we decided to create something distinctive and aesthetically pleasing.We’ve combined beautiful upcycled materials with the latest digital technology to create something we think is truly unique. The tripod is an old theodolite stand from the 1930s which has been completely restored to reveal its original features. This alone took more than one and a half months. Sitting on this is a seamless brushed-steel and mahogany wooden box which was the hardest part, I wanted no join lines from the metal to the wood..the idiot i was. The main source of lighting is positioned above the box and comes from a vintage heat lamp which we found locally and completely rewired.”

We also wanted to give our customers the best experience they could get, so even though the photo booth looks timeless, retro and vintage the wizardry that lays underneath is anything but

I shall reveal more about that in the next post....

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