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So in this post, I wanted to go into a bit more about why we do what we do.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

So in this post, I wanted to go into a bit more about why we do what we do. and why we chose to use recycled components. You see as surfers we have an innate love of the ocean, and as swing dancers, we have a love for retro items, over-engineered and built with love. These two components of our lives are what created the look of the booth, we believe it's retro-modern and timeless, much like coco channel :)

So, The top light on the booth is a vintage Pifco heat lamp (previously used to warm your bad back) renovated and rewired by us to illuminate your pretty faces. I love the stunning design of the lamp, they really did care about not just function but form back in the day. The main box is from modern materials, cut shaped and combined by me over six months of R&D. and the beautiful stand is, actually an old theodolite stand from the '60s. It was covered in yellow paint and totally unloved, we took it completely apart, stripped everything back to its raw state and low and behold it had solid brass components and again a love had been put into creating it. I could go on and on, the case came from a German family's attic, the headphone prop was caught mid-air as it headed into a tip... basically what I kind of am trying to say is someone junk is another's inspiration for beauty. So hopefully I have inspired you to think, that is not junk that could be perfect for ... x

Beautiful retro-modern Photo Booth
Our Photo Booth is Recycled, Repurposed, Reclaimed & Beautiful .


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