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Gif's Gif's Gif's

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

What are they? How do you do one?

At Flicksbox we offer the classic Photo Booth strip, take some shots, strike some poses, you all know what you're doing there... But if you want to raise your Photo Booth Game choose our Gif option. Gifs are basically mini Videos comprised of lots of photos compiled together to run together, in essence like an old flip book. You know the ones?!... flip the pages and what was individual drawings become a live action movie.

So to do one all you need to remember is either a shake what ya mamma gave you, or go into a pose and hold it.

For example, you could move your eyes from left to right... just keep doing that until the recording finishes, or you could answer our vintage phone.... lift and hold. really though its best just to not care and have fun, once you have tried the first time you can hone your Giffy skills to the max.


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