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Our insider's guide to the best Cornwall has to offer. Part 2: Suppliers - Drink.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

“I only drink to make you more interesting."

Booze, plonk, we all need it and we all love it. When heading to a party you cannot help but think, god I hope the bar is free and god I hope there is some good stuff there.

Yes, you can save money and head down to Tesco's to buy some bottom rack red and white, but trust us, you're seeing this all wrong, really the Drink comes under the heading of entertainment, understand? Think Tom Cruise in the film cocktail. A good bar helps the party, no-one likes to be three deep and 25mins waiting for a drink.

So with no more fuss here is Flicksbox’s list of the best Drink suppliers Cornwall has to offer. - Iconic, cool, unique, Cornish

The buffalo tribe have their roots in Cornwall and they are top-notch when it comes to all things liquid. - bespoke, mixologist, cool.

Will is a bespoke Mixologist with 13 years of experience running bars all over the world. Want a totally unique bar and a totally unique cocktail? Will is your man. - Smaller events, quirky, fun.

This cool little horse box outfit will have you rehydrated till dawn. - Big, experienced, Cornish.

The boys have you covered no matter what the size.

So to be honest, we cannot put our name to many other drink suppliers as most venues want you to use there our set up; The above is all you need though if you can go off-piste.

Also don't forget Cornwall has some an amazing wine and Spirits so if your are buying your grog, buy local. x

My personal favourites are Sea Fury & Wolf Rock.

Much Love

Phil & Andie.


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